Lesson courses

N.B. You have to be a member of Pitch and you have to have a ACLO-card to be able to take lessons. 

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Throughout the year Pitch organises 6 beginners courses. These courses are given by acknowledged PGA-professionals. During these lessons you’ll learn all the basics of golf. You don’t have to have your own clubs to join, we supply clubs for you. If you do have your own clubs, please bring them because it is better for yourself to learn with your own clubs.

To attain a handicap (54)  we require that you take 2 courses before you can take the practical exam. However, if the professional decides that you have enough qualities after one course,  you can take the exam earlier.

One course excists of 5 lessons. These are often given as 3 lessons of 1 hour and 1 lesson of 2 hours in which you will walk a few holes (Because of sundown sometimes courses are given as 5 lessons of 1 hour).

Courses 2019

The courses for the experiences player are starting soon! To be able to join these lessons you must have your handicap. If you don’t have your handicap yet, there will be lessons for beginners after the courses for the experienced players.

When these two groups are finished with the courses, the courses for beginners will start. Dates and times for these courses are to be announced.

Compose your own lesson group
It is possible to form your own lessongroup at a time of your choosing.

The mimimum people required for this is 6. To set this up, please contact activiteiten@gagv-pitch.nl

One course:  €62,-
Course duration:  5 lessons (50 minutes per lesson)

To obtain your GVB (Golf Skill Certificate / Handicap 54), 10 lessons are accounted for (2×62 = 124 euros). This includes one theory lesson plus the exam (50 euros) and the pitch membership itself (55 euros), totaling 229 euros. Additionally, we provide a mentoring round with you and allow the use of our balls and equipment during this course.